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Each synopsis includes a recording of the presentation delivered at the First Friday Book Synopsis by either Dr Karl Krayer or Randy Mayeux. Also included is the invaluable handout from the session. Please read our FAQs before your purchase.

For each summary, you receive one zip file containing a pdf file of the book synopsis handout and an audio file (mp3) of the verbal presentation. You will need to unzip the attachment after download.

The synopses and handouts are our copyrighted intellectual property. You are allowed ONE copy of each (with allowances for backup), unless you have our explicit permission otherwise. You may not copy for distribution to others.

Your subscription gives you access to all recordings in our online library for a period of ONE YEAR. Upon expiration, you may renew by purchasing a discounted subscription renewal.

How can I use these? How do others use these? Any way you want to. You can listen by yourself. You and your team can listen together, and discuss questions such as: “What are the transferable principles that we can put to work here in our company/organization?”

Some companies gather groups together, listen to the recording, and then hold their staff meetings discussing the lessons and implications for their situation.

One company owner purchased a "license" to adapt this product. He adds his own discussion questions to the handout. He then gathers groups together to listen and discuss. Contact us about such an arrangement for your group or company. 

One professor in an MBA program has his students purchase a number of these, listen to them, and report on them. The students find this more engaging, and more useful, than a traditional textbook (for his particular class). We think all MBA teachers in the country should adopt this practice!

Can I “pass these along” to others? Your purchase of this product is intended to provide the recording and handout for your individual use. We would prefer that if you want someone else to “own the recording” for his or her computer/ipod/mp3 player, that another purchase be made. If you want to make multiple copies of the handout for a group to use when listening to the audio presentation together, please contact us about permission to do so. (Pricing is reasonable).

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