Urban Engagement Book Club, Thursday, February 15, 12:30 pm, over Zoom – The Struggle for the People’s King: How Politics Transforms the Memory of the Civil Rights Movement by Hajar Yazdiha – And, here is my comprehensive handout

    —————– You are invited – on Zoom, Thursday! A special encouragement to attend  the Urban Engagement Book Club Thursday, Febraury 15, over Zoom, 12:30 pm Please join us. All details below. ———— Download today’s handout here. —————- If you have an open lunch time window Thursday, January 18, 12:30 pm (CST), I am Read More

The New York Times list of Best Selling Business Books for Feb. 2024 — Atomic Habits, Elon Musk, Be Useful… and more good books

The New York Times list of best-selling business books for February, 2024 reads like a broken record.  (Is that mixing metaphors?) So, yes, Atomic Habits by James Clear is still, and yet again, at the top spot.  This book has been at the #1 spot for practically every month since the early parts of the Read More

What is your mindset? Here are three mindsets to set in your mind… – insight from Carol Dweck, Dan Sullivan, and Sally Jenkins

Mindset — Noun — the established set of attitudes held by someone.  Not too long ago, the one book that I had presented dealing with the idea of mindset was the modern day classic, Mindset by Carol Dweck.  This book would go near the op of any of my must-read book lists. In Mindset, Carol Dweck says Read More

Supercommunicators by Charles Duhigg & The Friction Project by Sutton and Rao – For the March 1, 2024 First Friday Book Synopsis –

    Book Lovers & Lifelong Learners, Join us for two good books: for the March 1, 2024 First Friday Book Synopsis  TWO COMPREHENSIVE BOOK SYNOPSES — BOOK SYNOPSES FOR THE LIFELONG LEARNER IN ALL OF US! Come to learn; AND make some great connections! 2024 — Your Year of Learning! March 1, 2024 COMPLETING OUR 26th Year! Read More

Download the two Synopses Handouts for the Friday, February 2, 2024 First Friday Book Synopsis (over Zoom) — The Geek Way by Andrew McAfee and 10X is Easier that 2X by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

{Note:  you can also still register to attend in-person for the February 2 First Friday Book Synopsis, at the wonderful Park City Club, by clicking here}.   In our 26th Year! You are invited First Friday Book Synopsis, Friday, February 2, 2024, 7:25 am (Central Time), on Zoom. I hope you can join us! Meeting On Zoom Around 100 people (in Read More