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Our Decisive Workshop Will Help Your Decision-Making

We are now actively marketing our program, “Dare to be Decisive,” for employees in organizations who want to make more effective and efficient decisions.  This is a 3-hour program that we conduct on-site, filled with practical activities and implementable action steps.

Decisive CoverThe principles of the workshop are based upon Chip and Dan Heath’s best-seller, Decisive:  How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work (Crown, 2013).   We have had great responses from the companies and organizations that have already engaged us for this program.  As the book states,

“Our decisions will never be perfect, but they can be better. Bolder. Wiser. And the right choice, at the right moment, can make all the difference.”



To whet your appetite, here the four Villains of Decision-Making from the book:



You encounter a choice. Narrow framing makes you miss options.
You analyze your options. Confirmation bias leads you to gather self-serving information.
You make a choice. Short-term emotion will often tempt you to make the wrong one.
Then you live with it. You’ll often be overconfident about how the future will unfold.

In the workshop, we teach participants how to apply the WRAP model to the decisions that they make in the workplace, and elsewhere.  Specifically, we show you how to use this model to execute the steps and minimize the villains in the table above.

Widen Your Options

Reality-Test Your Assumptions

Attain Distance Before Deciding

Prepare to be Wrong

We are happy to talk with you about additional details, dates, pricing, logistics, and other factors.  Simply send us your questions at .