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The Book That Tells College Basketball Fans How We Got Here

If you are a college basketball fan, this is your weekend.  It is time for the Final Four.  The road has ended with three # 1 seeds, and an improbable entry by Michigan State, a # 7 seed.

Seth Davis PhotoOne of the studio anchors you will see is Seth Davis.

His most recent book was Wooden:  A Coach’s Life (St. Martins Press, 2014).  Wooden Coach's Life Cover

But, that is not his best book.

If you will click here, you will go to a blog post I wrote on March 16 last year about his book that chronicled college basketball’s most famous game.  It was not its best game, but its most famous game.   You remember the event – it had Michigan State with Magic Johnson, and Indiana State with Larry Bird.  It was the game that catapulted college basketball into the prime time event that it is today.

You see the book cover below.  The circus-like cover is more than symbolic.

It’s worth a few minutes to revisit that post.  It really helps fans revisit how we got here.

When March Went Mad Cover