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Do You Need to Make Decisions More Effectively and Efficiently?

We have an excellent workshop to help you and your organization make better decisions.  The title of our program reflects the tone very well – “DARE TO BE DECISIVE.”

The workshop is based upon the best-selling book by Dan and Skip Heath entitled Decisive:  How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work (Crown, 2013).  Many people may be aware of what the book says about doing this, but yet, have never participated in any activities to transform those principles into practice.

This highly affordable program contains summaries of the key points from their book, along with numerous practical activities that will enhance your ability to make strong decisions more effectively and efficiently.

Randy Mayeux is the lead facilitator, and he presented the original synopsis of the book several years ago.

The on-site workshop lasts just three hours, and we have facilitated this for several companies and non-profit organizations.  The facilitation fee allows  you to bring as many participants as you wish, and the only other fee is for per-person materials.  We are happy to provide you with references from participants who have already completed this.

For more information and details, simply send an e-Mail with any questions you might have to:  .  Or, you can call at (972) 601-1537. 

We look forward to working with you to be more decisive!