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The Value of True Expertise — Knowing what’s wrong, knowing how to fix it

It’s been a bad week in the Mayeux household.  Two nights ago, I drove my wife’s car.  That evening, it would not start.  I broke the battery!  Then, I washed a load of clothes.  The washing machine would not spin.  I broke the washing machine!  And then, I used my hair dryer.  I broke the hair dryer (it just quit working!)  Yes, I am jinxed — at least this week.  Don’t let me anywhere near any piece of machinery you own!

Well, we bought a new battery.  And we had another hair dryer.  And, we called the Sears repair number, and a repair man came to fix our washing machine.  It took him about…3 seonds to figure out the problem, and on top of the flat fee, it was only a little more money, for one replacement part, to get it working.  I marveled at his instantaneous diagnosis.  I asked him how long he had being doing this.  He said about 24 years.  He knew what to look for, he found it, and he know how to fix it.  He provided a perfect example of a person with expertise.

Well, I don’t know any machine that well.  But I got to thinking — I do know one thing almost that well, and what I don’t know, my blogging team members do know (especially Bob Morris, who has reviewed over 1900 books for Amazon.com, and other sites).  Here’s what I know:  if you name a business issue, I (and my colleagues) know a book — usually, the best book — to help you with that issue.   And if you read our blog long enough, you will see plenty of titles that offer a great deal about the most pressing business issues that you are likely to face.


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