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Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s new book SuperCorp Made My Day!

Cheryl offers: Karl Krayer delivered a book synopsis this morning on SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good. There were a number of companies referenced as examples, one of them my former employer, IBM. As I listened to the characteristics of how a SuperCorp was being defined, I couldn’t help but be proud of the many years I spent at IBM. One of the hallmarks of a SuperCorp is the effective use of company values; not just words on a page, but real thoughts that guide strategy and how the company’s employees think and behave when no one else  is around.  One of the IBM examples described how the company responded to the tsunami that hit in 2008. I had left the company by then, but I was there on 9/11. Not only did IBM make huge donations of money and equipment, but the individual actions of my fellow employees were nothing if not amazing. If they were in sales, they donated their commission checks, others donated their annual profit sharing payments, bonuses, a month’s salary, their vacation days, etc. The most interesting thing about IBM is they don’t publicize all the good work they do. They are intentionally low key, perhaps even humble and modest. As I sat there thinking about all the fond memories I carry of my days with IBM, I can confidently say IBM was and is a SuperCorp! Thank you, Rosabeth, for writing this book because it truly made my day!