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The Five Issues – for Organizational Success

What do you need to focus on for organizational success?  I think the number of issues is small.  But so very few organizations master these.

Assuming you know and are successfully focused on your actual business (a big assumption — Peter Drucker:  “What is your Business?”), here’s my current list:

1)    Build leaders
2)    Engage employees
3)    Find and nurture genuinely happy customers
4)    Always improve, and always innovate
5)    Build and maintain exceptional quality, regardless of your “product”

I can think of “subsets” for each of these.  For example, to take just one:  in order to always innovate, you need to break down silos and practice continual collaboration…

And, I think these same issues cross all industries.

And there may be others…

What would you take away from, or add, to this list?