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A Great by Choice Glossary

Last Friday, I presented my synopsis of the new Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen book, Great by Choice:  Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck – Why Some Thrive Despite Them All.  It is a great addition to the Jim Collins canon.

Jim Collins is a vocabulary creator.  In his earlier books, he introduced hedgehog circles, and Level 5 Leadership, among other terms.  In this new nook, he continues his tradition.  So here is a Great by Choice glossary, to help you when you run across these terms.

• A Great by Choice Glossary:

1)    10Xers – companies that beat their industry, over the long haul, by at least 10 times
2)    20 Mile March – a set, pre-decided “advance,” on schedule (Learned from the daily goal of Roald Admundsen’s team, which trekked a set, pre-determined distance every day, on their way to the South Pole)
3)    SMaCSpecific; Methodical; and Consistent
4)    Bullets and Cannonballs – Bullets – an empirical test aimed at learning what works, it meets three criteria:  low cost; low risk; low distraction.  Cannonballs:  big cost, big risk, big focus/energy/distraction.
Two kinds:  Callibrated (based on empirical validation)
vs. Uncallibrated (you don’t want many of these!)
5)    The Death Line – the end, with no coming back.  (you don’t want this – “duh!”)
6)    Luck – there’s good luck, there’s bad luck.  And it is in the response to bad luck that the tale is told…  — ROL – Return on Luck. 


Great by Choice; The Shallows – two good books for the November First Friday Book Synopsis

The new Jim Collins  and Morten Hansen book, Great by Choice:   Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck – Why Some Thrive Despite Them All, and the significant “how is the internet affecting our brains” book, The Shallows, will be our two selections of the November 4 First Friday Book Synopsis.

I will present the synopsis of the new Collins and Hansen book.  When Jim Collins comes out with a new book, it is a big deal.  And this new book, just out, is already generating interest and buzz.  And Karl Krayer will present the synopsis of The Shallows.  This was selected as the title for the Dallas Morning News reading focus this year.  It asks some very serious questions about the impact of the internet on our brains.

These will be valuable and useful presentations.  So, if your schedule is free, come join us on Friday, November 4.  You can reserve your spot through the link on our home page.

And, I will also present a “bonus program,” immediately following our usual event.  This will go from 8:30 to about 9:45.  Prompted by the ongoing financial crisis and uncertainty, I will provide key insights from an array of important and best-selling books:

Is This Time Really Different?
Based on a compilation of the key thoughts about the great financial crisis facing our country and the world,
from a number of best-selling books, including:
That Used to Be Us; Boomerang; This Time Is Different; 
The Great Stagnation; The Big Short; All the Devils are Here, and others


• Note:  The November First Friday Book Synopsis is sponsored by

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