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New Work Rules Book Crashes into Best-Seller List

NewRulesofWorkCoverJust eleven days ago, as of this writing, Crown Books released The New Rules of Work:  The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career.  It is already in the top 100 books in two Amazon.com best-selling sub categories, and today, hit # 5 on the Wall Street Journal business best-seller list (April 29-30, p. C10).

We will watch the progress of this book on the best-seller lists, and continue to monitor critical reviews of the book before making a decision to present it at the First Friday Book Synopsis.  However, the strong start that it has certainly has us already giving it very strong consideration for presentation.

The authors are Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew.  According to Amazon.com,

Cavoulacos is the Founder and COO of The Muse.com, where she leads the AlexandraProduct and Operations teams, creating and launching new features weekly.  Prior to founding The Muse, Alex was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company’s New York office. She graduated from Yale University and is an alumna of Y Combinator in Silicon Valley.

KathrynMinshewPictureMinshew is the CEO and Founder of The Muse.com, a career platform and community helping 50+ million Millennials find inspiring careers at innovative companies.  She was named to INC’s 35 Under 35 and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for two years in a row.

These are the rules that the book presents:

The New Rules for finding the right path: Sift through, and narrow today’s ever-growing menu of job and career options, using the simple step-by-step Muse Method.

The New Rules for landing the perfect job: Build your personal brand, and communicate exactly how you can contribute and why your experience is valuable in a way that is sure to get the attention of your dream employer. Then ace every step of the interview process, from getting a foot in the door to negotiating your offer.

The New Rules for growing and advancing in your career: Mastering first impressions, the art of communication, networking, managing up and other “soft” skills – and make it obvious that whatever level you’re at, you’re ready to get ahead.

Continue to monitor our blog and website for any future decisions regarding whether we will present this book.   As of this writing, I have fair optimism about that.

Online Impressions Depend Upon Old-Fashioned Courtesy

Holly Finn is  a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.  She wrote a recent impactful article, “Making Nice in the Online World:  In the New Peer-to-Peer Economy, Being Courteous is a Must” (August 13-14, 2011, p. C12).

I pulled this line out for you to think about:  “In this world, you trade wares personally, everyone knows your business and gossip is gold.” 

This line is true because younger professionals today spend more time socializing digitally than face-to-face.  She calls this “clicking not cliquing.”   There are many options available online to everyone  for a vast variety of products and services.  Each day, the Internet features a start-up company that tries to nudge its way into the marketplace.

She states:  “The trick is that you  have to make the bed, say please and thank you and be true to your word.  All these start-ups rely on a rating system.  Buyers and sellers are the same people in this community, and as it grows, you stay only if you behave well.  It’s Emily Post etiquette, digitized.  And it’s effective:  Millenials may not listen to anyone over 35, but they’re rapt with each other.”

The implication of this article is that it is not price, features, or benefits that makes as much of a difference as how you are treated.  “It’s smart to act nicely if you might meet again, particularly if your actions are unceasingly recorded

Do you agree with this?  Does this fit into your online experiences?

Let’s talk about it really soon?