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Fundamentals of Exemplary Leadership at the May FFBS

LearningLeadershipCoverAt the May First Friday Book Synopsis, I will present a synopsis of James Kouzes and Barry Posner‘s newest best-seller, Learning Leadership: The Five Fundamentals of Becoming an Exemplary Leader (San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons, 2016).

Kouzes (left, below) and Posner (right, below) ve become some of the most powerful and influential writers about the subject of leadership, all published by Jossey-Bass from San Francisco.  You are aware that The Leadership Challenge (6th edition to be released on May 1) remains one of the best-sellers of all time, and is in its 25th anniversary commemoration.  We have presented synopsis of several of their books, including Encouraging the Heart (2003).


I won’t spoil the story for you, because I want you to attend the synopsis, and hear what is between the lines for each of the five fundamentals.

But, here they are:

1. Believe you can.
2. Aspire to excellence.
3. Challenge yourself.
4. Engage support.
5. Practice deliberately.

The authors treat the fundamentals separately, but recognize the strong interdependence among them.

And, please note that they are not talking about just any leader – this book is about becoming an exemplary one!