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The Daily Stoic is a Major Hit in Business Circles

A book that just won’t go away is Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom,DailyStoicCover Perseverance, and the Art of Living (Portfolio, 2016).  For the past two months, it has made numerous appearances on the Wall Street Journal business book best-selling list.  The co-author is Stephen Hanselman.

As of this writing, the book is # 5 in two Amazon.com categories of Business Motivation and Leadership.

The book includes “insights and exercises, featuring all-new translations from the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the playwright Seneca, or slave-turned-philosopher Epictetus, as well as lesser-known luminaries like Zeno, Cleanthes, and Musonius Rufus. Every day of the year you’ll find one of their pithy, powerful quotations, as well as historical anecdotes, provocative commentary, and a helpful glossary of Greek terms.  By following these teachings over the course of a year (and, indeed, for years to come) you’ll find the serenity, self-knowledge, and resilience you need to live well.”  (Taken from Amazon.com).

From his own website, here is what we learn about the author:


“Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and prominent writer on strategy and business. After dropping out of college at nineteen to apprentice under Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, he went on to advise many bestselling authors and multiplatinum musicians. He served as director of marketing at American Apparel for many years, where his campaigns have been used as case studies by Twitter, YouTube, and Google and written about in AdAge, the New York Times, and Fast Company.

“His first book, Trust Me I’m Lying—which the Financial Times called an “astonishing, disturbing book”—was a debut bestseller and is taught in colleges around the world. He is the author of two other books and is now published in 16 languages. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.”

This book doesn’t fit our criteria for presentation at the First Friday Book Synopsis.  But, it sure will capture a lot of attention from our attendees.