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“Repeat it Until they Mock You” – the Big Idea for Today

A while back, I was watching one of those “classic” movie channels.  The host/introducer was introducing a movie (I forget which movie).  He is a studio executive.  And he said that one of the traits of great movies is that they deal with (and at this point he held up a simple, really big sign that said):

I liked this — a lot!  I think that “big ideas” matter a great deal.  But such a “big idea” may be obvious, and may be a very simple idea.

Well, as I presented (again!) my synopsis of the immensely practical book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, this quote from the book really got my attention:

“until your people are mocking you, you’ve not repeated your message enough.”

This is a BIG IDEA!

It is a reminder that leaders need to repeat their key ideas – their “big ideas” – including their top priorities — over, and over, and over and over again.

As I spoke, I thought of the legendary moment when Dr. King was literally in the middle of his I Have a Dream speech.  As it was written, the “I have a dream” section was not part of the planned speech for that day.  He had delivered this material before, most notably in Detroit just a couple of months before his August 28, 1963 speech in Washington.  Legend has it that Mahalia Jackson yelled out “Tell them about the dream, Martin.” So, he pushed his manuscript aside, and started “preaching” through the now familiar “I have a dream” material.  It, of course, is what everybody knows about, and everybody remembers from this, his greatest speech.

So — if you have a “Big idea” say it loudly, clearly, repeatedly – especially to your inner circle, your “leadership team.”  I promise you, no matter how often you think you’ve said it, you haven’t said it often enough.  Keep saying it until they mock you. And when they mock you, keep saying it some more.

That’s the big idea for today.