What is your mindset? Here are three mindsets to set in your mind… – insight from Carol Dweck, Dan Sullivan, and Sally Jenkins

Mindset — Noun — the established set of attitudes held by someone. Mindset

Not too long ago, the one book that I had presented dealing with the idea of mindset was the modern day classic, Mindset by Carol Dweck.  This book would go near the op of any of my must-read book lists.

In Mindset, Carol Dweck says that there are two mindsets:  the growth mindset, and the fixed mindset.

She writes:

Thus: the two mindsets:
• The Fixed Mindset “carved in stone”
• The Growth Mindset “just the starting point for development”

Ms. Dweck believes that every person still has room to grow, to develop.  And, every teacher, every leader, every coach needs to view those they teach and train and develop as people with room still to learn and to grow.

I especially appreciate this from the book:  “My major conclusion is: What any person in the world can learn, almost all persons can learn, if provided with the appropriate prior and current conditions of learning.”

So, two questions:

  • Do you believe you still have room to grow and develop?
  • Do you believe the people you teach, or lead, or the people you work with, still have room to grow and develop?

Well, once you begin thinking about mindsets, the word mindset, and the idea of mindset, start popping up everywhere.

I recently presented my synopsis of 10X is Easier than 2X by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. The 10X mindset idea is sprinkled throughout:10X

  • “We’ve shifted to a quality over quantity mindset,” he told me. Higher quality, less quantity. 10x is qualitative, not quantitative.
  • Going for incremental progress is a 2x mindset, which at a fundamental level means you’re continuing or maintaining what you’re already doing.
  • The Surprising Simplicity of 10x Growth—Why the 2x Mindset Is the Enemy of Results.

And maybe my favorite mindset idea comes from Sally Jenkins in her book The Right Call: What Sports Teach Us About Work and Life.  In this book, she writes of the athletic mindset:

What is the athletic mindset?

  • The laziest-seeming pro athlete works much harder than the average person, day in and day out, to get better, and is more forthright when it comes to confronting their unevenness under pressure. The Right Call
  • The longer I watch, the more I return to a question my father liked to pose rhetorically. “Who can describe the athletic heart?” he asked. The way he said it made me feel that it was the most important challenge in the world. The following is an effort to answer that challenge—to try to catalog the inner qualities that allow ordinary people to overcome pressures, elevate their performances, and find champion identities, even when they don’t always win. In reading, you may decide an athletic heart is worth acquiring for yourself.

She also includes this:  “Given enough practice and the right mindset, everyone has the potential to excel with regard to pattern recognition and decision making.”

So, here are three mindsets:

#1 – the growth mindset

#2 – the 10X mindset

#3 – the athletic mindset.

Think of the opposite of these three:

#1 – the fixed mindset — people have limits, and once they reach them, they cannot develop or grow any farther.

#2 – the 2x mindset –- only small, tiny improvements are possible.

#3 – The…”settle for mediocre” mindset; rejecting the call to be a champion in whatever arena you tackle.

I know that there are times when I am tired, or dispirited, or feeling defeated, when I want to just settle for what is, and not aim for what could be.

But…but…we are better than that. And the books I read remind me to not settle; to not bog down.  They call me to keep getting…better.

Maybe we all need to work on our mindsets, and aim higher.

The AIM HIGHER MINDSET…that would be a worthy mindset for us all.


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