Active Learning in a Passive Era; It Takes…your Full Attention – (with insight from Dane Jensen, The Power of Pressure)

Power of PressureLearning requires conscious attention, discipline, and willpower.

Dane Jensen, The Power of Pressure


It takes attention to learn.

You have to focus.

You have to set part some time – some dedicated time — for learning.

You have to want to learn; intend to learn; and then…learn…

But, we live in a passive era, don’t we?

Short videos.  Shorter articles; tweets; Facebook posts.  Listen while you walk, or work out, or clean house, or…

But, the more things you try to do at once, the less you gain from each of the things you are doing.

I recently saw a billboard along the freeway that said quite simply:

If you’re texting…you’re not driving.


To learn, you need to carefully read, and study.

And that calls for reading and studying the kind of substantive writing from which we can learn something that matters, requires our attention. …Our full attention.  Our undivided attention.

You can’t study AND…

You can study.  OR you can do something else.

But you can’t study AND do something else at the same time.

That’s it; that’s the lesson for today!

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