Read a book – then read more books – you need the advantage of the accumulation of knowledge

there is always the right book to read next

there is always the right book to read next

I do a little speech coaching.  And, yesterday, as I met with a client, I found myself quoting a number of different books.  And, I even referred to an academic journal from the 1960s that I pulled out of my memory banks.

People frequently ask me “what is the best book you have ever read?”

(I do have an answer:  Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  Read my blog post about this book here).

But, the reality is, there is no one best book, is there?  Because, even the really, really good books fail to cover everything there is to learn about a subject.  And, even if the book is remarkably up to date, there will be new findings and discoveries and insights, and new books with those new insights will be coming soon.

No, there is no one book.  And, by the way, alas, you won’t remember everything you read even from the last book you read; which you just finished, maybe yesterday…

Reading books is sort of like eating meals.  It is the accumulation of nutrition, which you need to constantly replenish.

Similarly, you keep reading books; you keep reading the next new book; in order to build up your store of accumulated knowledge.

The more books you read, the more knowledge you accumulate.

And, the more knowledge you accumulate, the more effective you will be in whatever endeavor you undertake.  (Assuming…that you are smart enough to put some of what you learn into practice).

So, read a book this month.  Then, read another book. Then another.  Keep reading. Keep reading more books.

There is so much knowledge to accumulate!


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