Four elements that can inform a productive, effective planning session – Consider these the essentials

I am scheduled to speak to the leadership team of a small, but highly successful, business.Four Essential Books

They are going into a day of planning.  They wanted a presentation that would focus their efforts effectively.  Here’s what I came up with as the outline for my presentation; four key points:

#1 – How to stay on the same big-picture page; the big objectives of the team.

#2 – How to measure your progress toward the big objectives.

#3 – How to help each team member do his/her best by practicing radical candor.

(Yes, mainly from the book Radical Candor:  the formula is:
Care Personally + Challenge Directly.
(Kind of how every person on the team helps coach every other person on the team).

#4 – How to provide exceptional customer service.

Sure, there are other elements that should, and must, be developed in a successful enterprise.  But these four are truly essential; even foundational..

Try reversing it, this way:

#1 — How to provide exceptional customer service.
#2 – What kind of team peer-coaching produces better customer service?
#3 – What do you have to keep measuring to make sure your customers are highyly satisified?
#4 – What big objectives drive this kind of measurement?

Focusing with such clarity informs the discussions throughout the day of planning, and makes for a much more productive outcome.

And each of these four have plenty of books to support the ideas, including:  Start With Why; Measure What Matters; Radical Candor; and The Disney Way…among others.


I have presented synopses of each of these four books.  Each synopsis comes with my multi-page, comprehensive handout, plus the audio recording of my presentation.  Click here to search by title.  And click here for our newest additions. — We present synopses of two new books every month at the First Friday Book Synopsis, based in Dallas; currently over Zoom.


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