Patience is a Virtue

BIND (Brain Injury Network of Dallas)

August 31, 2020

By Karl K.
     Patience is a virtue. The problem is that most of us do not have much of it. The current generation has moved us into a state of instant gratification.
     People want things now.Not everyone believes that patience is a key to success. I spoke to 80 students last year who wanted to major in Speech Pathology. Many of them wanted to become therapists. At the close of the meeting, I wished all of them much luck, and a great career. And then, I stopped and said, “if you do not have great patience, you need to find something else to do.” Short of knowledge and wisdom, patience is the most important behavior for a professional to display.
     I see patience manifested every day. I am now in an organization called BIND (Brain Injury Network of Dallas). The directors and volunteers are the most patient people I have never been around! They may need to hit their heads a few times after getting home, but you would never know it while they work. They answer questions, help members walk and use a wheelchair, put up with constant interruptions, repeat instructions, and urge participants in a discussion to stay on the subject at hand. I can tell you that I could not do what they do, and they do it very well.
     As I write this blog, this week I am leading a group who wants to know how they can help others who have had language and speech difficulties. The formal term is aphasia. There are many ways to do that including the following:
Be patient
Use plenty of time
Establish the topic
Use “yes” and “no” questions
Repeat and ask for understanding
     Patience is important to someone who needs help, but who cannot be rushed. Have you ever said this: “how long do I need to take this medicine?” “How many visits to have to the doctor until I am healed?” Some things are not in your control. Some things cannot be rushed. You cannot hurry plants to grow, make the weather cooler, or cram for test that you should have studied for weeks, but you did not. You may be a Christian. You pray that God will make something happen for your family. He may, but the reality is that He works on his own time, not yours.
    Experts explain that four steps are needed to increase patience with others.
Make yourself wait
Stop doing things that are not important
Be mindful of the things that make you impatient
Relax and take deep breaths
         Taken from the video “Always Thinking”, October 30, 2019
     Think how the world would be a better place if we just use only 10% more patience. How would you use that time? You do not have answer right now. 
     Be patient!


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