It hasn’t worked

HumanocracyDespite a torrent of books promising to unlock the secrets of innovation, large organizations seem as incapable as ever of unleashing the creative energy of their people.
from Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini


It hasn’t worked.

I think individuals have a better track record at change for the better than organizations  — though not a perfect record.

But, for organizations, it hasn’t worked.

Sensitivity training for leaders has not worked. (This was an initiative a few decades ago. In Humanocracy, we learn that the training, which was widespread and cost a LOT of money, did not produce lasting change for the better).

Implicit bias training has not worked.

So many other initiatives, so many attempts at “re-engineering” organizations and reorganizing organizations, and change initiatives, and rolling out other new initiatives, have not gone well.

So much has not worked.

I am no expert on why.

I have read many books recommending programs, suggesting approaches.  But, the evidence for success is not encouraging.

Bringing about needed change for the better is, probably, the hardest thing to try to do within an organization.

The challenge is daunting indeed.

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