It takes a brain, and a heart, and courage – Hearts at Work: Volunteers matter at Virginia Cook Realtors

I recently had the privilege to speak for the Hearts at Work luncheon for the Virginia Cook Realtors. What a wonderful group, a wonderful gathering, and a great focus for a company. Virginia Cook and Sheila Rice did a good thing to establish this practice, in which they honor their outstanding volunteers and announce their Volunteer of the Year.

Here’s what they say about their event:

Hearts at Work — Love Makes the World Go Around
Recognizing the exceptional contributions to our community of the Virginia Cook Realtors Virginia Cook, Hearts at Workbusiness family. Their amazing accomplishments are an inspiration to us and foster a greater dedication in each of us to contribute our talents to the enrichment of our communities.

They had three honorees: Kelly Jordan, Ed Murchison, and Lauren Savariego. Each of these paid great attention to human need in their immediate communities, and found creative ways to serve, and help meet the needs they saw so clearly.

In my remarks, I started with the three great discoveries aided by Dorothy and the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, and stated simply:

With a brain, you see the need and think about ways to serve.
With a heart, you feel for the people you serve.
And with courage, you actually act on these feelings that have stirred your heart: “Hearts…at…work!”

And I shared four points:

#1 – First, you “feel” – then, you work.
#2 – You notice your community needs – the needs in your community right around you.
#3 – You build teams to help solve the problems and meet the needs that you see.
#4 – You keep at it over the long haul; longevity matters. (one of the honorees has kept at it to help one person over the long haul!).

Though all three served their communities in creative and meaningful ways, the Volunteer of the Year was Kelly Jordan, who has helped build the life of one person, who she first saw in a homeless shelter, with a decade-long commitment to his success. What an inspiration, indeed!

I do not quote the Christian Scriptures often in these speeches, but on this day I quoted the line from Jesus: “Do you see this woman?”  Because, seeing the person in front of us is the beginning of all service. These volunteers have very good eyesight for the people in their own community.

I suspect that all companies have some community problem solvers — some Hearts at Work. Good for Sheila Rice, Virginia Cook, and their team for noticing, and calling attention to, such good work right here in our own community.

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