Work Really Hard; Keep Learning – Formula for Success from Stripe’s Patrick and John Collison

There are so many books, with so many formulas, for success. But, there are times when I think the path to success is really pretty simple. Not easy, but simple. At least, simple to understand, as we see some people succeed, some companies succeed, and others don’t .

Stripe's Collison Brothers

Stripe’s Collison Brothers

I thought of this as I read:  How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code into a $9.2 Billion Startup:  Now, Stripe’s Patrick and John Collison are teaming with Amazon to grab even more control over the global flow of commerce by Ashlee Vance, at the Bloomberg site.

So, after reading the story of these two brothers and Stripe’s success, here’s my summary of the formula:

Have the right idea.
Make it easy to use. (Put all the complexity behind the scenes – people need easy, not complex).
And, work harder than anyone else.

And, of all the great paragraphs in this article, here’s the one on work ethic that will help you understand, partly, why these two are so successful:

The brothers share a love for books and an apartment. They describe things in computing lingo. Patrick explains their lack of pop culture knowledge, saying: “It’s not that I don’t enjoy TV. If I had infinite time, I would watch it. This might be the entirely wrong optimization.” On weekends, John pays for a Stanford student to tutor him in law, and Patrick has a physics tutor. Conversations with them tend to move from Turkish politics to San Francisco’s water supply to the joys of aviation (they’re pilots)

Get the right idea.
Learn a lot.
Work hard.
Keep working hard.
Keep learning.

How do you stack up? As for me, I’ve got a ways to go…

Read the article.  You’ll find it worth your time; you’ll be challenged to do better…


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