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Because of the 20-year success of the First Friday Book Synopsis, I believe that many people think that is all we do.  We do much more than just synopses of books.  Here are many options that we have available to serve your company or association.  Please contact us at info@creativecommnet.com, for more information.


Ensure your audience leaves buzzing, “what a speech that was!”  We provide energetic, dynamic and focused presentations that are customized to send the appropriate message to your audience.  These keynote addresses are the perfect way to begin or end your conference or meeting, or for a general session for all participants along the way.


Are you looking for someone to give a speech of tribute for one of your honored employees?  What about the perfect address to mark a significant milestone for your organization?  We can research and deliver a presentation that will meet your needs and provide you and your audience with a memorable experience.


Our presentations provide just the right amount of humor to complement our message and provide the correct atmosphere for your organization’s meal event.  We have a wide variety of topics to customize according to your time and situation events.


Take your employees to C.A.M.P. with our exclusive system designed to identify specific competencies and opportunities for each position and role in your organization.  The resulting job profiles will assist your organization in establishing quality processes for selection, appraising and training your employees, as well as to implement a proper succession planning program.


We provide training in basic and advanced skills designed to develop strong management and leadership for members of your organization.  Whether you are looking for line managers to learn and practice the fundamentals of supervisory skills or principles, or for senior executives to enhance their ability to construct and execute a mission and vision for your organization, our customized approach will provide you the results you desire.


In this program, we work with managers who are not professional trainers to assist them in developing their direct reports.  Our focus is on equipping these managers with the skills, techniques and tools that allow them to train their employees on-the-job without relying upon internal or external trainers, consultants or costly conferences or workshops.  Each participant leaves the program with an executable training contact, custom designed for one of his or her own direct reports.


Do your salespeople sell or just take orders?  Your organization will experience gains in volume, profits, market share and efficiency after your salespeople implement these effective sales techniques.  In this workshop, your salespeople learn and practice five steps that are essential for effective selling and four steps to turn objections from reasons not to buy into reasons to buy.  Participants practice skill-based activities throughout the program, using materials that we customize based upon your organization and industry.


The units of your organization can function as a team after your participants learn and practice the behaviors associated with effective teamwork.  Our exclusive intervention techniques begin with an assessment of team readiness.  Based upon these results, we then place proper emphasis upon four dimensions of teamwork:  goals, roles, processes and procedures, and relationships.  Our sessions are energizing and highly interactive and are based upon research principles that many organizations have successfully modeled.


Let us help you prepare and fine-tune that important presentation by coaching you in the skills that transform a good presentation into a “great” one.  Whether your concern is in the content of your speech, in your delivery or your non-verbal techniques, we can move your presentation to the next level of confidence and audience acceptance.  Through our analysis of your presentation on video tape, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and development with great precision.  We can also attend your presentation and provide you with continued coaching and development in a follow-up.


Our customized training provides you with the listening and questioning skills necessary to obtain the information that you need in an efficient and effective manner.  We know that on many occasions, proper fact-finding questions can provide you with a proper diagnosis of a situation prior to suggesting any prescriptive action.  You can improve your ability to ask and use probing questions in a variety of contexts, including sales, legal, medical, technical, mechanical, and survey research.


It’s not the appraisal form that makes the difference – it’s the way that a manager communicates the content of the appraisal form in the annual meeting with his or her employees.  In this workshop, participants learn a variety of techniques and tools to establish a proper atmosphere, direct meetings, discuss ratings, introduce delicate problem areas, involve employees in a discussion, and link the content into a context for training and development.  We use the form approved by your organization as the context to discuss and practice these techniques.


Learn and practice techniques used by professional speakers that will take your presentation to the next level.  Whether you speak to audiences of 5 or 5000, we can help you polish the intricate facets of your presentation that will make you “top of the list” for repeat engagements.  We specialize in how to incorporate audio-visual accompaniments into your presentation smoothly and effortlessly.  We begin by watching you speak in person or on video tape and then meet with you to tailor a program to meet your needs.  Our public seminar, “Speak Up, Speak Out, Say It Well!” covers these principles on a general basis.


Our training focuses on constructing, delivering and answering questions from a behavioral interviewing perspective.  Behavioral interviewing techniques rely on past performance and events as the best predictors for future behavior.  Using your own resume, job description or other materials, we review your practice interview on video-tape to fine-tune your skills.  We pay special attention to the art of .asking and answering probing questions, which can make or break a successful interview.


This customized training program heightens your skill and confidence in using audio-visual accompaniments such as slides, overheads, flip charts, video tapes and brochures during your presentation.  We specialize in PowerPoint and Prezi presentations delivered from projection devices.  Our goal is to maintain a focus on you as the speaker, rather than on the presentation aids, in an effort to build a strong and credible presence with the audience.


Save yourself and others internal and external to your organization time and money by writing your materials once and where others read them only once.  Improve clarity, efficiency and effectiveness and get the results that you want from your writing.  Our individualized coaching program begins with our analysis of three brief and one extended writing samples that we assess against our exclusive writing principles.  We then meet with you to discuss our recommendations and follow-up, as necessary.  We also teach a classroom-style workshop, “Write Your Way to Success,” which emphasizes the P.A.C.E. structural format along with other principles, which lead to effective writing.

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