“This is Coming; we’re not Ready!” – THE Challenge of this era, for sure

Google the phrase “This is coming; we’re not ready,” and there is no shortage of response.keep-calm-because-we-aren-t-ready

“The Zika outbreak is coming. We’re not ready.” (2016)
“We’re not ready for the next outbreak.” — Bill Gates

The list is long, and growing.

Think back to the moments of “oh my goodness, we weren’t ready for that” when announcements and disruptions were introduced.

Imagine the conversation in Kroger HQ when Amazon bought Whole Foods Market. Or go back a decade (yes, one decade ago is when it happened) when the folks at Research in Motion (Blackberry) finally admitted “the iPhone arrived, and we weren’t ready.”

So, in conversation with Elle Hansen of Regeneration Partners recently, she said very simply that when we realize all the changes that have arrived, and are coming, we realize the inescapable reality of our modern world: “this is coming; we’re not ready!”

If only we had some kind of infallible crystal ball, we could get ready, and be ready. But we don’t.

But, we sort of do.

Here’s the crystal ball forecast: someone, somewhere, is working on turning your product, your approach, your system, your very business into yesterday’s business. The one that worked then, but is on the way to being obsolete now. The crystal ball would predict for us the moment/the arrival that makes you realize, “oh my goodness, THIS was coming, AND WE WEREN’T READY!”

Though you may not ever be ready for the actual next thing/next threat that is coming, know this – it is coming! Don’t be caught.

Don’t be the one who says, “this was coming, and we… we weren’t ready.”


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