Strange Combination: Medical and Financial Make For a Winner

AgeProofCoverI don’t know if I have ever seen this before.  At # 9 on today’s Wall Street Journal best-selling business book list is a book about finance from a medical perspective (July 8-9, 2017, p. C10).  As of this writing, the book is in the top 50 in three sub-categories.

The book, AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip by Jean Chatzky and Michael F. Roizen, M.D., (Grand Central, 2017) takes a very different approach to the two combined viewpoints.

From, here is a description:

Two of the world’s leading experts explain the vital link between health and wealth that could add years to your life and dollars to your retirement savings. 

All the money in the world doesn’t mean a thing if we can’t get out of bed. And the healthiest body in the world won’t stay that way if we’re frazzled about five figures worth of debt. TODAY Show financial expert Jean Chatzky and the Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer Dr. Michael Roizen explain the vital connection between health and wealth–giving readers all the tactics, strategies, and know-how to live longer, healthier, more lucrative lives. 

The same principles that allow us to achieve a better body will allow us to do the same for our investment portfolio. For instance, physical and financial stability comes down to the same equation: Inflow versus outflow. Do we burn more calories than we ingest? Likewise, are we making more money than we spend? The authors detail scientific ways to improve our behavior so that the answers tilt in the readers’ favor. They also offer ways to beat the system by automating how we do things and limiting our decisions in the face of too much food or too much debt.

Chatzky and Roizen provide a plan for both financial independence and biological strength with action steps to get you there.”

In an upcoming post, I will give you some background about these authors, and explain why I believe this book may have long-lasting impact.

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