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We offer substantial per-person discounts to our site to medium and large-size companies which purchase annual subscriptions for all of its employees.  This is a terrific benefit to employment in the company, and one that benefits individuals as well as the organization.

Here are details:



Many employees in your company are interested in business trends, as represented in best-selling books.  However, they neither take the time to read them, nor choose to expend personal funds to purchase them.  This creates a knowledge gap which can limit their effectiveness, but that you can easily remedy through the offer you are reading.
IDEA Add an annual company-wide subscription to for all your employees as one of the benefits you offer employees.











Employees will have unlimited access to the site, which contains content from over 400 business best-sellers published in the last 20 years.  The site provides a PDF file, containing the important content from each book, along with an audio recording from its actual presentation at the First Friday Book Synopsis.  The content is neither an editorial, nor a review, but rather, a true information transfer.  Some have described it as an “oral Cliff’s Notes.”   Since each recording lasts only 15 minutes, an employee can obtain essential information very efficiently, and at his or her personal convenience.


The annual subscription can be listed by your company as one of the benefits for employment.  The subscription allows for unlimited access to the site by each employee in your company for one full year.


Any employee who holds a current subscription to the site will receive a pro-rated refund once the new benefit is in place.


The retail value of each subscription is $199 per person.  You may purchase the company-wide subscription at up to a 90% discount from the retail price.  This is of great value to you.


Your company will have its own link on our website, which your employees can easily access with a built-in password.  You can also link to the site from your own website.


Your employees’ access to the site is implied consent to the agreement that the link is for their individual personal and professional use, and may not be shared with non-employees, or other persons outside your company.

 BENEFITS The subscription allows employees instant access to important business knowledge, enhancing their effectiveness for customers, and improving their own professional development.


The subscription provides your company with another important perk for membership at a discounted price to you, thus providing value to current employees, and creating an important hook to attract new employees to your company.

 NEXT STEPS We can provide you with a one-page Letter of Agreement to begin the process, and work with your IT professionals or webmaster to provide a seamless gateway to our site within 15 days.   The total payment is due 15 days after the contract is signed by both parties.
  For complete information and to answer questions about this offer, contact:
   (214) 577-8025           




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