Sandberg and Krawcheck Will be Proud

Here’s some evidence that at least some people are listening to Sheryl Sandberg and Sallie Krawcheck, who have both written best-selling books calling for the inclusion of women, and not the exclusion of men in organizations.

In the March 7 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Joann Lublin and Sarah Krouse report that State Street Corporation will actively push for including women on boards (p. B6).

The article states that the companies will not have a quota to meet, but rather, must provide credible evidence that they attempted to improve diversity among their Directors.  Firm that do not do so will vote against the heads of committees that nominate board members re-elected.

The article also provides documentation that collates with data provided by Krawcheck in her book, Own It, by showing that U.S. companies with at least three female directors financially outperformed those with no board women.

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