Training Improves Loyalty in Organizations

Loyalty in organizations has become a premium over the past twenty years.  It has been a two-way street, with employees chasing employers for first place status in disloyalty.

But, there is good news for people who partake of what I offer as a professional trainer in the workplace.  Training has become a factor that increases employee loyalty.   By providing employees skills that they can use in new positions, companies find that employees are more likely to stay.

Personal career development has long been one of the top motivating factors for employees on the job.   While companies have tightened monetary and compensation rewards, the same is not true for training.

According to the Korn Ferry Hay Group study, published on March 21, 2016, “Across all employee levels, career development programs are poised to see the biggest expansion in use during 2016. More than half of respondents indicate they intend to expand the use of career development programs across all employee levels, supporting the creation of a stronger bench of employees with the hard and soft skills needed to assume more challenging roles within organizations.”

You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

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