Encore Program on Communication in Political Campaigns

On Wednesday, March 16, Randy Mayeux and Karl Krayer participate in an encore of our program on communication and political campaigns.

The program is from 6:30-7:15 at First United Methodist Church – Garland.  The address is 801 Avenue B at Glenbrook.  The program is in rooms 103-105.

Here is the title and description.

Did You Hear What You Thought You Heard?   Making sense out of what candidates say and mean in political campaigns

In today’s attack-first political environment, political candidates are increasingly accountable for what they say about each other, and about their plans to lead the country.  Indeed, the media has been particularly energetic about emphasizing contradictions and checking facts that candidates produce in debates, press conferences, and presentations.  In this fast-paced program, learn what the leading political candidates actually mean when they talk, and what risks they encounter when taking a particular stance or position.  Learn to identify innuendos, misleading interpretations, and inaccurate facts.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions.


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