All the Way to the Top for “Get What’s Yours” – Our Profound Insecurity!

The book I blogged about on March 21, Get What’s Yours, has soared to the top of the hardcover business best-seller list in the Wall Street Journal, published today (3/28-3/29, 2015, p. C10).  It is # 1 on that list, and # 4 onGetWhat'sYoursCover the hardcover non-fiction list.

Here is its rankings on the list as of 12:30 p.m. CST today:

I do not have access to the lists from the New York Times or Bloomberg Business Week, so I do not know how it is faring there.

I have not changed my mind.  The rocketing high sales of this book demonstrates how insecure Americans are about our future.

I also notice that the page views for my post are among the highest recorded for our site.

If anyone has any other explanations for its meteoric rise to the top of these lists, I am interested in your comments.

Here is the link to my original blog post, so you can read about the book and the authors:

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