The Coming Apple Watch – We Lazy People Just Didn’t Realize How Much We Wanted & Needed It

Confession time – I’m just a little lazy.

Oh, I think I work fairly hard. I read books, prepare handouts, speak, occasionally tidy up my desk and office (not often enough). But I, like so many others, want tools to help make my lazy life even easier, even lazier…

Take television. I remember the days when I had to stand up, walk across the room to change a channel, and then walk back to my chair. I would not want to go back to those dark ages!

my first phone -- it was a marvel! - but exhausting to dial!

my first phone — it was a marvel – but exhausting to dial!

Or, when I was a little boy, we had one telephone in our house. One! It was at the end of the hallway. On a little telephone stand. When you wanted to make a phone call, you had to walk all the say to the end of the hall. And – I know, this is painful to even think about – we had to move our finger around the dial 7 times. It was exhausting! And then, we had to stand there while we talked. And now, we get mad if we leave our phone in the other room, and have to chase it down to answer it or make a call. And, by the way, we no longer even push 7 buttons (okay – 10 buttons) to make a call. We just push the “name” and our magic phone calls that person. No, I would not want to go back to the dark ages.

As close as I can tell, the “personal” technology that has caught on and stayed around is technology that in some way or another helps with our laziness impulses. We want everything to be available, convenient, easy, effort-free… fast. We are so very lazy!

Think about the latest developments. Why should we have to be put through the extra effort of removing our wallet from our pocket or purse, removing our credit card, swiping it, and then replacing it. (Do you remember when we had to sign every credit card purchase slip. Just exhausting!) Too much effort! Let’s just wave our phone, and now… voila… “Apple Pay.” 

And now, we are about to meet the Apple Watch. Imagine, instead of fiddling for the key for your hotel room, you can wave your arm, and the door opens. Wow…   just wow.

It’s lazy person’s utopia.

Now, I’m sort of kidding (just sort of) about all the laziness. But I think I’m very right about this. Anytime you can make things easier, faster, fewer steps, more effort-free, more accessible for a customer, you’ve got a shot at a bigger win. Never underestimate our desire for things to be easier, faster, simpler…effortless!

And, I bet we lazy people have much more wonderful help on the way!   Maybe, as Al Jolson put it, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

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