Will You Give Me Some Of Your Money? – (Some Thoughts On Sales)

(Call this a blinding flash of the obvious)…

I’m meeting a friend today for lunch. We will discuss how to be more successful in our work pursuits. This is a smart and wise friend; he helps me. We could meet anywhere. In fact, there are so many places asking us to spend our money in their restaurant. We’ve picked one we both like. It is right next to many more that we choose to ignore…

Every day; every hour of every day; someone asks me to give them some of my money.

Give me some of your money for: this hamburger, or burrito; these clothes; this music; this car; this new app; this book; this technology…

Everybody is always asking for some of my money.

These days, if I search for something I might decide to buy on any site, an ad for that, or for something similar from a competitor, pops up on practically every page I’m reading for the next few hours/days. You really do have to admire the geniuses who made this happen.

Now, if I give them some of my money, they are willing to give me something in return.

But, it is my money they want.

That’s ok with me.

Because I too ask people to give me some of their money. “Give me some of your money and I will: speak to your people; send you these book synopsis handouts and recordings; teach your students.”

This is a post about sales. But it starts here: you have to have a product or service that is useful to someone. Once you do, then you have to let others know about it. You have to say, in one way or another:

I will give you this product, this service, if you will give me some of your money.

But, here’s the challenge. Everybody else is always asking for some of their money also.

So, how do I persuade them that this is the right, the best use of their money right now?

I don’t.

They have to persuade themselves.

referrals-1But there are ways to help them persuade themselves. Like, if one of their friends says to them “this is the best ________; you really ought to try it.”

But, as a friend of mine tells me, if they don’t believe that my product or service provides them an answer to a genuine problem — or at least a way to fulfill one of their wants — then they will ignore my plea for their money. (They won’t even say “no” — they’ll just ignore me).

Persuading someone that it is a good and valuable exchange – my product or service for their money – is one of the big deals about being successful in business.

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