Steve Jobs; The 3rd Alternative; Dozens More – Keep Learning with our 15 Minute Business Book Synopses

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Problem:  So many books, so little time.

I have dozens and dozens of “samples” loaded into my iPad Kindle app.  I love the “samples” feature.  It gives me a feel for the content of so many books.  And my friend and blogging colleague Bob Morris shares quite a few books with me.  It is wonderful.

But, now, the stack on my shelf, the stack on my little reading table, the “stack” in my iPad is sort of like The Blob (The Blob:  An alien lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows), always advancing, growing larger by the minute.  I’m about to be consumed by this blob of books….Aaghhhh…

My constantly growing stack of unread books feels like the Blob...

You can’t help me, but I can offer a little help to you.  Since April, 1998, Karl Krayer and I have presented synopses of best-selling, useful, important business books at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas.  We record these presentations, and many of our synopses are available for your purchase at our companion site,  Each synopsis comes with a handout, and the audio of our 15 minute presentation.  (OK – many of them go about 17 minutes, with an occasional 18-20 minute presentation).

Many coaches are now playing these recordings for their clients.  They have discovered that they are extremely useful in tackling a specific issue, and jumpstarting important conversations.

Listening to one of our synopses, while following along with the handout is, or course,  not as good as reading the book.  But, it is really, genuinely helpful.

Right now, you can purchase our synopses of recent presentations, including:  Steve Jobs, The 3rd Alternative, Great by Choice.  The home page of our site always lists, at the bottom of the page, the most recent additions.  And the catalogue will give you our entire collection.

NOTE/WARNING:  IF YOU HAVE NEVER ORDERED FROM US, please read the FAQs.  Some of the recordings are a little old, and though they are understandable, they are not as “easy” to understand as the newer recordings from the last 2-3 years of presentations.

I promise you, these presentations will help you in your quest to keep learning; they will give you enough of the key content of the books that you can begin thinking about the “what do I do now with what I have just learned?” question; and they will help you know which books will be most valuable for you to read in their entirety.

Click here to read the FAQs.

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And click here for the home page (the newest additions are always listed at the bottom).

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