If You Are Too Busy To Plan, You Are Too Busy! – Dan Weston Really Can Help You Plan for a Profitable, Successful 2012

How busy are you?

If you are like me, you are so busy doing your job that you practically never have time to think about doing your job better.

We do not save time for planning, for coming up with a new and or improved strategy.  To actually go through such a process could be the very best use of our time.  But, I suspect, most of us don’t even have a workable process for planning.  So, we need to plan, but we don’t take the time to plan, and we don’t have a process to help us plan.  We are planning deficient in every way.

We’re so busy:  too many fires to put out, too many distractions.  And, we have our actual work to do, every day, always demanding our attention.  And so, we just plod through, day after day, and make few of the changes that would help us be more productive.

2012 is right around the corner.  I think a full day to think about 2012, to plan for 2012, would be a really valuable day – don’t you?

Dan Weston, a Certified Emeritus Gazelles Coach

Dan Weston has the workshop we need.  Based on the Verne Harnish book and principles/habits, the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop is just the right mix of a little content, a little prodding, a little coaching, and a lot of time to work through your own plan for 2012.  Dan Weston, a Certified Emeritus Gazelles Coach, is a master at leading you in your own planning session.  He guides, you work.  It really is a day worth your time and investment.

You could do this on your own – by yourself.  But you probably won’t.  (Did you take a day last year, to plan for 2011?)

Dan will “make” you plan for 2012. In fact, without a day like this, 2012 will just happen to you.  And, at the end of the year, you’ll say I should have planned better.  Don’t let that happen!  This way, you have a shot at being proactive, more “in charge” of your 2012.

So, reserve your spot, carve out your entire day, bring your key team members, and plan to plan for a profitable growth year in 2012.

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Here’s what Dan Weston promises for his workshop:

Learn how to accelerate profitable growth using the Rockefeller Habits.

You will learn these principles for growth and build the following areas of your One-Page Strategic Plan for 2012:

Core Values & Purpose: Enliven your identity and energize your employees
Ideal Customer & Brand Promise: Develop clarity on your “who” and on your unique, targeted and measurable differentiator
Growth Targets & One-Year Plan: Set your strategic targets for the next 3-5 years and your measurable, one-year goals and priorities for 2012
> Priorities & Metrics: Make your most critical short-term decisions for your 13-week race by setting quarterly and personal priorities and metrics
Communication Rhythms: Develop practical and efficient regular meeting rhythms to keep meetings short and effective
Top Talent: Learn to identify, hire and retain A performers who will accelerate your growth
Clarity & Accountability: Ensure everyone in your company is clear on accountabilities and has a roadmap for growth

 All participants will receive a FREE copy of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits!


Dan Weston, and his Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop, sponsored the September First Friday Book Synopsis.  But, I can speak personally, Dan Weston is the real deal, and this day would be an invaluable day for you and your company.

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