The 15 Universal Attributes Of Winners – Insight From Win by Frank Luntz

In Win:  The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary, the third book I have read and presented (after Friday) by Frank Luntz, we read his “conclusions” at the very beginning of the book.  Here they are:

• The 15 universal attributes of winners (Luntz’s summary of his “conclusions”)…

1)    the ability to grasp the human dimension of every situation
2)    the ability to know what questions to ask and when to ask them
3)    the ability to see what doesn’t yet exist and bring it to life
4)    the ability to see the challenge, and the solution, from every angle
5)    the ability to distinguish the essential from the important
6)    the ability and the drive to do more and do it better
7)    the ability to communicate their vision passionately and persuasively
8)    the ability to move forward when everyone around them is retrenching and or slipping backward
9)    the ability to connect with others spontaneously
10) a curiosity about the unknown
11) a passion for life’s adventures
12) a chemistry with the people they work with and the people they want to influence
13) the willingness to fail and the fortitude to get back up and try again
14) a belief in luck and good fortune, and
15) a love of life itself

The book is a practical overview of the characteristics of those who “win,” and, I think, a valuable book for those who seek success, those who want to move forward.

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You can purchase my synopses of his first two books, Words that Work and What Americans Really Want…Really, with audio + handout, from our companion web site,  I will present his latest book, Win, this Friday, and the synopsis will be available on the site in a couple of weeks.

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