A Quote For The Day, From Farhad Manjoo – “Disappointment Fuels Innovation”

This is from Slate.com, and the always reliable and enjoyable Farhad Manjoo:  The Year in Gadgets: Where were the revolutionary technologies in 2010?

Here’s a key excerpt:

Funny as he is, Louis C.K. misses something important about technology and how it improves: We’d never get anywhere if some of us weren’t impatient and ungrateful. Sure, today’s gadgets can do amazing things. But that’s always true of today’s gadgets. The latest and greatest will always be better than the stuff we had before. But it’d be foolish to be happy with merely surpassing yesterday—if that were the only basis for judging tech there would be never be any reason to make anything better. The color television came about only because some spoiled idiots were unhappy with black-and-white TVs, and the HDTV made its debut only because a few ingrates couldn’t stand standard-def. Disappointment, in other words, fuels innovation. (emphasis added).

It’s time for another moment comparable to when Jobs first unveiled the iPhone in 2007—we need Apple, the great engine of innovation in the tech business, to blow everyone out of the water once more.

Disappointment fuels innovation. Isn’t that the truth?!


In the article, Manjoo links to this hilarious video by comedian Louis C.K.  You might enjoy it.


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