Communication Skills and Teamwork – Indispensable for Business Success

On Friday, December 3, I served on a panel with five others for an afternoon session for Leadership Irving.  The room was filled with a rich array of folks, from a wide range of industries.  Mike Overby, Principal & Owner of Express Employment Professionals of Irving, led the session.  (He is committed to leadership development, and does a great job at providing wonderful events for people in Irving).

Every panel member had much to offer.  It was a terrific discussion!  In the midst of the panel discussion, Thomas Trotter, IBM, Senior Executive Emeritus, said one short sentence that hit with great impact.  He said (I’m paraphrasing) that the two most important skills, the ones that are most critical, the ones that without these, you cannot do your job effectively (or even keep your job) are:

Communication Skills and Teamwork.

Communication skills and teamwork.  These really are that critical!

2 thoughts on “Communication Skills and Teamwork – Indispensable for Business Success

  1. dtkunplugged

    Agreed both are very important but we need to clarify whether we’re talking about company success or personal success. If company, then both skills will benefit the company. If we’re talking personal success then I would hands down prioritize communication skills over teamwork, simply because teamwork is by definition collaborative. Yes, critical for the matrix managed global community but not entirely under one’s control, as other individuals not following suit can easily sabotage or sink a team. Not so with communication skills (verbal, nonverbal and electronic), which I always refer to as the tentpole of professional (and personal) success. there’s so much we can’t control that we need to pay special attention to those we can. And what, how and where we communicate are all within our control. Effective communicators can build rapport,set the agenda, rally support, effect outcomes and ultimately accrue influence, which is the currency of business.
    So, yes to both but if we’re getting up close and personal, communication skills trump all, hands down.

  2. Randy Mayeux Post author

    Dani, no disagreement from me. Mr. Trotter was definitely talking about working within an organization/company. I agree — communication skills are first, and as you so ably stated, every aspect of communication is critical.

    Thanks for your comment.


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