“Collaboration is the Stuff of Growth” – Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson

I have read, and presented my synopsis of the Element:  How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Sir Ken Robinson.  I have blogged about him here.  I have watched the videos from his presentations at TED, Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity and Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! He’s a real champion of creativity, with lots of freedom, in education.

Here is a terrific RSA Animate (white board illustrated) of Changing Education Paradigms, a presentation he made at The Royal Society of the Arts.  It is just over 11½ minutes, and has had over 800,000 views.  It is worth the time.  (I learned about this from an exceptional financial adviser at an event this week).

Take a look.

3 thoughts on ““Collaboration is the Stuff of Growth” – Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

  1. RJ Johnson - 21st Century Appreciative Inquiry

    I’ve seen the Ken Robinson video and some of his other work. He is always insightful and encouraging as I facilitate learning.

    One of my goals is to make each participant project in a introductory computer course perform three duties. 1) Teach the basic concepts, 2) Integrate with web 2.0 tools and internet resources whenever possible, which is almost always, and 3) facilitate learning around communication and collaboration.

    What are your thoughts about this method? Can/should it be more widespread?

    Best regards,
    RJ Johnson

  2. Janet

    Where did you devise that the RSA stood for Renaissance Society of America??? It stands for Royal Society of the Arts, to which Sir Robinson is a member and accepted his Benjamin Franklin Award at…you yankees always twisting things into USA is the center of the universe.

  3. Randy Mayeux Post author

    To Janet:
    My apology — I had read that it was delivered to the Renaissance Society of America, but I see that the link is to “theRSA.org,” which is the Royal Society of the Arts. My mistake — I have made the correction, and I give my apology.



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