2 thoughts on ““What Three Books Should I Load On My Kindle For My Cruise?” – w/update

  1. Tom Pritchard

    Randy, It appears I really tested you on this one. You put considerable effort in your response. The easy answer is I would have never guessed these would be the books you would recommend. What is really good about the list (even though it is more than three:)is the variety. Like you, I am not into novels but about once every ten years. Therefore, I have an interest in your list and will probably download all of them. What the heck! Like Bob says, this is fun and it does open one’s mind. I also got your “addendum” to which I shall give serious consideration.

  2. Randy Mayeux Post author

    Tom, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I think it made for an interesting blog post.

    Bob, I agree, it is not a zero sum game. There will always be both e-books and physical books.

    But, I think the e-books will be more and more popular (one reason – it is so much more convenient). For example, I browse less — much, much less — than I used to at a book store, holding physical books in my hand. Now I browse on-line, usually at the Amazon site. Yesterday, I ordered two books from Amazon, and it took me less than two minutes (with no drive to a book store), and had them shipped to two different addresses. One was a gift to my son, the other a used book for me. The e-book instant availability is another leap forward in convenience. This, and the money saved on book shelves, is a real draw. (and packing one Kindle or e-reader in your suitcase instead of a stack of books for a cruise).

    I suspect there are more total books sold, overall, because of the Kindle. In other words, though the e-books replace some sales, they actually add to the overall total. But I also suspect that over the long haul, the electronic book will in some way or another jeopardize the overall numbers for physical books.

    And, I still prefer holding the book — the actual, physical book, in my hand.

    • Here’s a link to an article about Kindle sales — I’m sure it has the same info as the article mentioned by Bob:


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