So Much to Know — TMI to Learn

One of the clearest examples of the long tail in the book The Long Tail is the story of Bollywood movie theaters in the United States.  There are only a handful of places where fans of such movies live in such close proximity to one theater that they can sustain such a theater at a profit.  A few more neighborhoods can justify stocking Bollywood movies in a local Blockbuster.  But the long tail of Netflix (and Amazon) can turn a profit by shipping such moives, requiring no expensive square footage to stock an adequate supply.

I was telling this story at a conference in Indianapolis, and finally one brave soul asked “What’s Bollywood?” It was then that I realized what I should have remembered — we simply have too much to learn, and remember.  We have TMI — too much information.

Think about this list (and this is truly a short/partial list):

Purple Cow, Linchpin, Tribes, Long Tail, Bollywood, Hedgehog Principle, Blink decisions, 10,000 hour rule, Outliers, Checklists, Wikis, Wikinomics, Womenomics, Knowing-Doing Gap, Fierce, Freakonomics (Superfreakonomics!), Blue Ocean, Free, Black Swan, Execution, 10-10-10…

And you can add your own to this list.  Good luck managing the TMI era.

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