Robert Bloom Introduces us to the New Experts

(A note to our readers — I am traveling this week, speaking both in Las Vegas and Indianapolis.  So I will be posting fewer times.  My apology.  And thanks to the other members of our team for making this a team-blog effort).


I heard Robert Bloom speak today to a group of highly inquisitive coaches, eager to give the best to their clients.  Robert Bloom is the author of The Inside Advantage, which I have blogged about before, and the author of a new book soon to be released, The New Experts:  Win Today’s Newly Empowered Customers At Their 4 Decisive Moments.  His earlier book is simple, profounmd, and incredibly useful.  He asks:

Who Is Your Core Customer
What is Your Uncommon Offering
How is the persuasive strategy that will convince your core cutomer to buy your uncommon offering versus all competitive offerings.
Own It! is the series of imaginative acts that will celebrate your uncommon offering and make it well known to your core customer.

His new book delves deeply into the mind of the new experts — the people who understand that information is always at their fingertips, and they know how to find it.  A person with an iPhone is now able to know more than the salespeople and the customer service folks that are supposed to be experts.  It truly is a different world.

One change is this — customer loyalty is dead.  We already know this; it died long ago.  But what we now have is “customer preference” that must be re-earned over and over again.  He said:

“One customer at a time — you have to win the customer quickly.”

Yes, you do.

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