4 Steps along the Path of Life-Long Learning – or, Why should we read business books?

After reading the book, I wrote this on my handout of my synopsis for The Design of Business by Roger Martin:

A blinding flash of the obvious:  — everything can be done better; there will be new things done; you (and I) have to get better at getting better at making everything better…
• “the design thinker lives to advance knowledge!”

With practically every book I read, I realize that this quest for life-long learning is a real one, and incredibly important to pursue.  And as close as I can tell, this is the path to follow:

Step 1)  learn new information

Step 2)  pick out an area of deficiency – pick out a place to make improvement

Step 3)  tackle this problem

Step 4)  then, after getting better, learn another round of new information – and repeat process.

(Yes, it sounds like a truncated version of Benjamin Franklin’s approach.  He sought to build his life around thirteen virtues, and worked on one, and only one, each week.)

And I’m a big fan of using books to provide direction along this path.

That’s why I read books, including business books.

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