At this moment, Free is either Free, or Full Price — take your pick (a short post)

You’ve heard the controversy about the new book by Chris Anderson (author of The Long Tail), Free:  The Future of a Radical Price.  A lot of people have weighed in.  (See my earlier post).  Add to the list of critics Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban  He blogged about it here and here and a few references in a couple of other follow-up posts.  At this moment (early morning, July 23, 2009), Free is # 183 on’s best seller list, and # 74 in non-fiction.  Very healthy numbers on Amazon.

But here’s the curiosity.  Amazon is selling Free at full price (at this moment).  I don’t remember the last time I saw a business book on Amazon going for full price with no discount.  But you can get Free for free as an audio book on iTunes (which I have done), read by Chris Anderson himself.  And Anderson is offering Free for free in Google books and offered it free on the Kindle (for a limited time).  (check out his web site for details).

What an intriguing approach…

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