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Psst…This is what prejudice sounds like

Sara offers: There were many heroes during the horrific shooting at Fort Hood, but one who grabbed our attention is Sgt. Kimberly Munley.  She responded to a radio call and was instrumental in taking out the shooter.  But I have to tell you…I am so tired of hearing about this “petite blonde.”  One report described her as “tiny but tenacious.”  Did you know she weighs 120 pounds?   I noticed that as I read on that no one described her partner (Sgt. Mark Todd) as a “strapping brunette” or a “stocky, slightly balding but tough” cop.  Actually, I have no idea what Sgt Todd looks like – by the way, he hasn’t gotten any photo coverage.  But what’s the difference here?   No really, what’s the difference?  She is described in physical terms, he is not.  This is about subtle prejudice; what do those little feminine descriptors really mean?  It may just be a cute way to get our attention.  Why does it need to be “cute?”  Stop asking us to look at Sgt. Munley as though she is little girl.  If you read What Men Don’t Tell Women about  Business, Christopher V. Flett invests a whole book describing how people take advantage of others through subtle prejudice and manipulation.   My message is: We must recognize prejudice in our own language and stop it.

 Cheryl offers: A huge THANK YOU to Sara for raising the awareness in me and likely many others!