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The Three Primary Derailers (for a business, and an individual) – these can really bring you down {more insight from Susan Scott’s Fierce Leadership}

(A note from Randy:  it is common to see me “revisiting” points from books, or the books themselves, on this blog.  This is partly due to the fact that I present my synopses of some of these books multiple times.  And sometimes, the books have enough different points, and are just that good, that I keep thinking of new points to blog about.  Well, Fierce Leadership is just that good, and I keep thinking of new points to blog about.  So – here goes).


What will knock a company, or a person, off their game, and may lead to serious failure?  In Fierce Leadership, Susan Scott identifies “three primary derailers:”

1)  difficulty handling change

2)  not being able to work well in a team

3)  poor interpersonal relations

I think she is right.  Throughout the years of the First Friday Book Synopsis, change management and innovation rise to the top of the list of themes covered by the best business books.  And the evidence is clear that not playing well with others/inability to work well in a team is a killer – thus the continuing popularity and value of Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  And as Susan Scott herself says, “your most valuable currency is relationship, emotional capital.”

How are you doing in these three areas?

And, here is my opinion – nobody actually likes to change, so difficulty handling change may be the most difficult one to fix.

The other two are “fixable” – but you really, really have to work at cultivating interpersonal relationship skills.

We do not and will not get better by accident – we have to work at it.