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5 to Work On and Think About (write better; speak better; promote your ideas, not you!; be more productive; and don’t be an idiot!) — some quick reads

#1)  Learn to write better

• check out: M.B.A. Recruiters’ No. 1 Pet Peeve: Poor Writing and Speaking Skills

• and then, check this out: Good Writing is a Recession-Proof Skill

#2)  Learn to speak (present) better

• check out:  see above!

• and this: 3 Things to never “be” in a presentation

#3)  Promote your ideas, not “you”

• check this out: The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion

#4)  Realize that the rules for productivity are changing – they are different for knowledge/information workers – (the longer view is more telling than the daily view)

• check out: Everything You Know About Productivity is Wrong

#5)  And – Don’t be an idiot!

• check this out (and be astounded/sickened/shocked/disgusted!) — The Kids Today
We got a résumé today from someone who graduates in May. In the “skills” section, she listed “the Internet” and “e-mail.” I’m curious. Should I just assume that her skills also include “pen” and “paper”? And what about “the telephone”?