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Productivity Formula (T + CD + EE = P) – Maybe this explains why we are having such difficulty being productive

You are having trouble reaching your top levels of productivity right now.  Right?  I know that I am.

Among all of the ripple effects of the current health crisis, with so many, many of us working from home, we are having trouble concentrating on, focusing on, and accomplishing, our work.

This might help explain it.  Let’s call it the simple productivity formula.  It was prompted by an image I saw on a Twitter feed from from lizandmollie; @lizandmollie (see image).


Here’s the formula:
Time + Clear Direction + Emotional Energy = Productivity
T + CD + EE = P

All three of these are needed to be effective and productive, aren’t they?

During this difficult moment, many have an abundance of time.  But for too many, there is a lack of clear direction (“this is what I need to get accomplished right now”).  And for practically everybody, there is a shortage of emotional energy.  Especially for people who flourish through interactions with others; we are especially drained right now.

Usually, in these blog posts, I include some hint of what to do. At this moment, I’ve got little hint of what to do.

But, if you’ve got all three of these – T + CD + EE — then you are in for a really productive time.  Good for you!



Here’s another image from lizandmollie; @lizandmollie