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If the Reader Quits Reading, Blame the Writing!

Writing matters.  Good writing makes a difference.  Poor writing? – it simply does not get read.

All good writing has this one element in common – the writing entices you to keep reading.  Once it rambles, is dry, is boring, the reader is gone.

Will the reader read my next sentence? is the question to be asked about every sentence.

The ReWork guys are big on good writing.  They are really, really down on bad writing.  It’s in their book.  It’s in their own writing style.  And, now, Jason Fried has written:  Why Is Business Writing so Awful? for Inc.com.

He starts with this:

Nearly every company relies on the written word to woo customers. So why is most business writing so numbingly banal?

What’s bad, boring, and barely read all over? Business writing. If you could taste words, most corporate websites, brochures, and sales materials would remind you of stale, soggy rice cakes: nearly calorie free, devoid of nutrition, and completely unsatisfying.

Click on over, and keep reading.  It’s short – to the point – just like all of his writing.

And, yes, it will keep you reading until the end, and is worthy of your time.