A few random thoughts on a Thanksgiving weekend – Digital Work; Universal Basic Income; Health Care Champions…

My wife and I had a quiet, just the two of us, Thanksgiving Dinner.  And then we watched the Cowboys implode…

But, as I read business books, and books on racial issues and social justice, and even a few books for fun (I’m re-reading all of my Nero Wolfe books), a few thoughts:Digital Transformation

#1 – Yes, the Pandemic has accelerated the move to digital.

A while back, I presented a synopsis of the excellent book Digital Transformation.  We were already headed in that direction, full speed ahead.  But, now, it has hyper-accelerated with the Pandemic.  Life is increasingly fully made “livable” with apps and iPads or SmartPhones.

Everything that can move to digital has moved to, or is moving to, digital.

You might want to read my blog post: Digital Transformation by Thomas Siebel – Here are my six lessons and takeaways.


#2 – Yes, there is an increasing interest in Universal Basic Income. 

We may be hitting the spot when we realize that there will be more jobs disappear than we can keep up with.

I presented a synopsis of the Business Book of the Year from a few years ago, Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford.  One of the best books I have read!  And, though technology has always put people out of work, it has almost always created the possibilities for even more jobs to be created .  We may be getting close to the tipping point on this.  When that happens, we’ve got a full blown crisis on our hands.  One solution is to give people money. Universal Basic Income may indeed be coming.  Martin Ford in this book says that this is one idea that may need to be considered.

Rise of the Robots{Here is my blog post on Ford’s book:  But Where will the Demand Be? – My Lessons and Takeaways from Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford}.

In Europe, they are beginning to take this basic income idea seriously.  And the Pope has called for it in his new book.

So, pay attention.

By the way, for the Urban Engagement Book Club in Dallas, a while back I presented a synopsis of the book Give People Money: How a Universal Basic Income Would End Poverty, Revolutionize Work, and Remake the World by Annie Lowrey.  As I said, the idea is growing on people..

{An aside:  in the Nero Wolfe book that I am now reading, Too Many Cooks, written in 1938, Too Many Cooksthere is a scene at a resort where Archie Goodwin has to sit with the switchboard operators while Mr. Wolfe was on a call.  It took six women to keep the phones going at the resort.  That’s one job that disappeared long, long ago.  In another Wolfe book, Archie observed a large room full of typists, with dozens of women hard at work. Yes, times have changed}.

#3 – Yes, there are some irreplaceable workers.

Let’s just pause in gratitude and appreciation and wonder at the women and men – doctors; nurses; health care aids; custodians; and more… – that have worked day in and day out during the COVID crisis.  I heard an interview with one nurse who said she has seen it go from one death a day to four deaths a day in her area of the hospital.  And she, along with so many others, has to watch people die, unable to be surrounded with family and loved ones.  Imagine the human toll on these workers, along with the loss to the family members.

The need is unending.  Our hospitals are near, or in some cases, beyond capacity.

A special thanks to these wonderful workers.  These are human jobs that require human workers…

Those are just a few thoughts on this Thanksgiving weekend, 2020.

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