None of us know when life will return to normal. None of us know what normal will look like.

This is the first full week of sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.  I suspect you are feeling more than just a little disoriented.  I know that I am.

Dallas has closed pretty much everything.  Restaurants are reduced to take-out only.  Schools are closed.  Networking events, including our monthly learning event, are all on forced hiatus.

Our First Friday Book Synopsis event has met every month since April, 1998 (except for one month during an ice storm).  Another event I attend, Success North Dallas, has met monthly for over thirty years.  They cancelled tomorrow’s session.  This will be the first month they have not met, ever, in their entire 30+yrs. history.

I make a substantial portion of my living as a speaker; in front of live audiences.  Many days each month, I speak to residents of independent living retirement communities.  All of those sessions have been cancelled.

I also teach Speech at the community college level.  We are in week one of a now extended two-week Spring Break, and I have to figure out how to teach the rest of the semester totally on-line.  Though there are speech classes on line, I have always insisted-on the in=person classes for my teaching schedule.  But, now it’s time to apapt!

I am reminded again of the brilliant simplicity of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.  We have pretty much all dropped back down to lowest live on the hierarchy:  Physiological Needs.  Food to eat; air to breath;  good health. That’s what we hope for right now.

I keep thinking that I will ramp up the energy for my blog posts; more posts per week during this time.  So far, I have not yet started.  But, I do think they are coming. So watch this space.

None of us know when life will return to normal.
None of us know what normal will look like.

Be safe. Stay healthy.

Read more books.


Observation:  my blog has many, many “lessons and takeaways” posts for the best business books.  Even on days when I do not post new material, I average many hundreds of page views on this blog.  For the last 5-7 days, that has dropped off dramatically.  My assumption:  people are not doing much thinking about professional development.  Nope; things are not normal, are they?!

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