Have you read the book _________________? – What’s your book reading plan?

“Have you read the book _________________?”

there is always the right book to read next

there is always the right book to read next

I almost hate it when I am asked that question.  There are so many books that I have not read.  A fair number of times, when I am asked that question, I have never even heard of the book.  That’s when it gets really embarrassing.  I mean, I’m the Dallas Book Guy – I’m supposed to read all these books.

So many books…so little time!

But, I do read quite a few books.  I present synopses of at least 25-30 business books a year – 24 at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas; along with 12 books on Social Justice issues for the Urban Engagement Book Club, sponsored by CitySquare..  So, I read all of those books carefully; thoroughly.

And, of course, I read others.

And, I work quite diligently to pick out the best, most useful and valuable, business books to present.

But, what about you?  Assuming that you do read books, how do you decide what books to read?

Maybe you just want to be in on the latest buzz — people are talking about the book ____________, and you want to be part of the in-group.
Maybe you are working on overcoming a deficiency in your work life, and you are reading to fill a gap.
Maybe you are a strategic reader.  You plan your reading, enhancing your understandings, widening your perspective, one book at a time.

All of these are good reasons to read books.

{And, of course, I am mainly, in this post, talking about reading books to aim at some kind of betterment.  There are, of course, other reasons to read books.  I had to wait a full week before I finally was able to tackle Out of the Dark by Gregg Hurwitz, the latest Orphan X thriller.  I had my “serous” reading to finish first.  I am 2/3 of the way through, and plan to finish it tonight or tomorrow night.  I read Daniel Silva, Anthony Horowitz, and these Hurwitz books for my “thriller’ reading.  And, every now and then, I re-read one of my old Nero Wolfe mysteries.  (I own them all).  I do love Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin}.

But this much is clear.  Reading good books is still the best way to take deep dives into “I need to think about things” learning.

At the First Friday Book Synopsis, for nearly 22 full years, we have provided substantive synopses of the best business books each year.  We’ve had people listen, and then go buy the books and read them.  Others tell us that they are not book readers, but our synopses help them feel more up to date; and they learn from our synopses.  And even the book readers say that they get additional insight from the books from my synopses presentations, even if they have read the books for themselves.

So, what about you?  What is your book reading plan?  You do have one, don’t you?!


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